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Project:     Schedule Management and Seating System
Industry:      Insurance
Programming Language:      Visual Basic for Applications
Database:      Microsoft Access
Application Type:      Schedule Manager
Operating Systems:      Windows 98/NT
Project Description
With a 50 part-time and full-time employee call center, our client was in need of personnel, time, and resource management software. To correct the lack of records for vacation, sick time, and personal time, and manage personnel projections, Phoenix Consultants group devised a 100 person/station man-hour assessment projection and scheduling database with adaptive capability (to allow for increased personnel). The PCG program had the ability to assign computers and phones to the same employee on a more permanent basis, allowing them to relocate within the company and retain the same contact information. By allowing management to "visualize" employee work schedules, assignments and projections, management accomplished its goals of making their personnel management more productive.