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Project:     AccessFreak Website
Industry:      Information Technologies
Programming Language:      Visual Basic, ASP
Database:      Microsoft SQL Server
Application Type:      Web Application
Operating Systems:      Browsers
Project Description
Since 1997, Phoenix Consultants Group has developed websites and applications to harness the power of the "net". Developing the web application to manage hundreds of Microsoft Access Developers was, and continues to be, a real challenge. When PCG acquired the "Ms. Access Freak" (MAF) site in 1999, we rewrote the entire MAF website in order to facilitate ease of utilization by developers in search of MS Access information. PCG has achieved its main goal for the MAF site, and we proudly continue to supervise and maintain the longest running Access Help Database on the internet.

This robust web application, written in HTML and ASP, processes over 20,000 hits per day on the SQL Server database. We are consistently searching and locating the collection of helpful tips and programming information sought by Microsoft Access developers. Being completely database driven, the site allows us to quickly view information, write articles for the developer community, and help our users find the answers to inquiries, enabling them to complete their projects "on time" and "on budget."